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Brother Shoeb Sultan has passed the Luton Half Marathon with flying colours

Written by Mushtaq Shah. Posted in News.

Brother Shoaib Sultan - Half Marathon with the Flag of Imam Hussain (as) - 29th October 2017

Alhamdulillah brother Shoeb Sultan has successfully completed the half marathon.

If you intended to donate to the fundraiser but haven't been able to. Please donate here:


Please dont forget to ensure that you share this message.

Pictures from the event are attached.










Nadra Clinic @ Masjid-e-Ali (as) 21st and 22nd October

Written by Mushtaq Shah. Posted in News.

Alhamdulillah, the Nadra Clinic has been organised for the Pakistan High Commission Nadra Team to visit our centre.

Date - Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd October 2017
Time - 09:30 to 15:00
Address - Masjid-e-Ali (as)
2-32 Beechwood Road

To book your appointments please contact the following numbers:
Syed Aqeel Kazmi
07506 180700
Syed Mohammed Yousaf
07912 376865
All appointments are on a first come first serve basis.

1. New (SNICOP for first time)/Renewal-£82
2. Modification SNICOP-£87

 1. All applications will be processed in normal category.

2. 13-Digit CNIC/NICOP card of blood relative (Father, Mother, Brother and Sister) is mandatory for every applicant.

3. Above mentioned fee includes SNICOP, card delivery charges at home and bank charges.

4. SNICOP will be delivered in 6-8 weeks.

5. Every applicant must have their valid and original Passport along with photocopy.

6. All supporting documents must be available in original and a photocopy.

7. Modification of Date of Birth, Religion will not be available during this surgery.

8. Modification of Name will only be processed if name change deed duly attested by FCO and Pakistan High Commission.

9. For first time application detailed birth certificate required mentioning both of parents name on birth certificate.

10. For change in marital status, marriage certificate required.

11. Parents must have married marital status in their NADRA record during registration of their child for the first time.

12. If minor already registered with NADRA then please bring their Child Registration Certificate (B-Form -?????).

13. There is no other fee except as mentioned above.

14. Please display this information at a prominent place during processing.

Jazakh'Allah Khayr

Masjid-e-Ali (as)


MeA Everest Challenge 2018

Written by Mushtaq Shah. Posted in News.


Mount Everest is the highest peak on Earth at 8,850 meters (29,035 feet) above sea level. No other mountain on Earth has a higher altitude.

This courageous climb is for a noble cause in aid of Masjid-e-Ali Building Project Appeal to complete the construction of the state of the art multi complex centre for the local community.

MeA expedition team Amer Nazir and Ali Askari will raise the flag of Imam Hussain (pbuh) 6,000m above sea level.

From Karbala to the Himalayas, the standard of Hussain (a.s) will fly.

Join the expedition team and stand shoulder to shoulder to help secure this achievement to unify the community and enable Masjid-e-Ali to become the State of the Art Multi Complex Centre.

How to sponsor or donate visit http://masjideali.org/index.php/building-project/fundraising-activities/295-mea-everest-challenge-2017

You can donate on Just Giving:



Bank Transfer

Account Name: Masjid-e-Ali 

Sort Code: 20-53-30
Account Number: 83479242


If you would like to donate to us from outside the UK you can send payment to our account with the following details:

Account name: Masjid-e-Ali
Swift Code: BARC GB22
IBAN: GB28 BARC 20533083479242
Branch: Barclays Bank, 28 George Street, Luton, Beds, LU1 2AE, United Kingdom

Cheques to be made payable to 'Masjid-e-Ali' and posted to Masjid-e-Ali, 2-32 Beechwood Road, Luton, LU4 8RP.

Contact Details
Fund Raising Project Manager
Sajad Hussain Shah
07947 112228
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The outcome of Imam Hussain's (as) sacrifice at Karbala

Written by Mushtaq Shah. Posted in News.


Immediate effect of Imam Husain’s sacrifice:

Muslims and non-Muslims both have admitted that Imam Husain (a.s) spared Islam from annihilation by sacrificing his life. The majority of Muslims gave their support to Yazid whilst the minority stood silent out of fear. The laws and principles of Islam were being disfigured, the prophetic traditions were being altered and fake customs were being introduced to legitimise the authority of Yazid. It was the sacrifice of Imam Husain and his dedicated supporters that shook the Muslims from their sleep. After witnessing the brutal murder of the Imam and his associates, the Muslims discovered how wicked their Ruler was as he didn't even spare the grandson of the Holy Prophet (pbuh&hf).

Long term effects of Imam Husain’s actions:
Imam Hussain (a.s), by refraining to pay Yazid the oath of allegiance and the method he chose to lay down his life, changed the course of history and re-shaped the fate of humans forever. Yazid and his likes were given the message that they will not be supported nor tolerated and justice would prevail regardless of the price. Many revolutions that that have taken place against the wicked are some of the outcomes of the lessons taught by the Imam.

Imam Husain's preparation for his sacrifice at Karbala:

Imam Husain refrained from escaping or avoiding Yazid, in light of the fact that such an act would not have uncovered Yazid's debasement of Islam and would have served to legitimise his vile Leadership.. He realised that by dismissing Yazid's orders, he would doubtlessly be murdered. In any case, he chose not to pass away like any other ordinary martyr. He needed his demise to fill in as a beginning stage for a transformation that would fortify equity and restrict oppression for all times to come. This sort of stand required foresight and pre-planning. As hinted by the history, Imam Hussain's pre-planning included the following elements:

1. The selection of an area where he would be killed.
2. The selection of companions of various ages and genders.
3. A perfect preparation to have his sacrifice captured by the historical records. 

The selection of an area where he would be killed:

Imam Hussain, abandoned the idea of completing his Hajj rituals, as he He did not want any bloodshed in the precincts of Makkah. Moreover, if he was killed during his performance of the Hajj, the murderers and their motives may have remained a mystery and therefore his sacrifice could have remained ineffective. So he chose to travel to Iraq to answer the call of the Kufians, knowing that his journey could be intercepted by the forces of Yazid who would eventually kill him and thus, their Leader Yazid, will be exposed of his wickedness. The history has demonstrated that Imam Hussain was correct.

The selection of his companions:

Imam Husain did not search for the best warriors, since his objective was not to battle or win a physical war. He selected men who were firm, pious and patient. Such who were ready to experience extreme hardships without any complaints.

His associates included men of various tribes, females and children. The reason behind such a choice was to prevent people from thinking that Hussain (a.s) initiated a war or that his sacrifice is distorted as a battle of power between two tribes.

A perfect preparation to have his sacrifice captured by the historical records.

A good number of Imam Hussain's family members (consisting of females and children) travelled with him. Such an approach guaranteed that after his demise, his message would be spread through his surviving relatives, and that Yazid would not have the capacity to obscure the reality or misrepresent Imam Husain's thought processes. History demonstrates that it was a splendid move. His son Ali bin Hussain (a.s) and his sister Zainab (s.a) through their penetrating speeches, brought to light some hidden facts and uncovered the deception of Yazid in his own court. He was stunned and mortified before them. His court was loaded with dignitaries, both neighborhood and from other country states, and his own supporters. They were surprised to discover the reality unfold itself and many were conveyed to tears. Eventually similar scenes were rehashed in the bazaars and commercial centres of the nation, up and down the travel course of the surviving captives. Imam Hussain had established the framework of the revolution with his blood, whereas his sister Zainab and his son Ali ibn Hussain propelled it with their talks. That revolution gave many communities hope, courage, determination and success and will continues to do so until the end of time.

The events relating to Imam Hussain's sacrifice, before and after, have been well preserved in the books of history. As the Imam desired, his sacrifice was captured like no other. It was promoted like no other. Hence today, we have the largest gathering on the face of the earth. Karbala receives between 20-25 million people every year, in a single gathering, during the days of Muharram.

Masjid-e-Ali Funeral Services Appeal

Written by Mushtaq Shah. Posted in News.

Announcement - Masjid-e-Ali Funeral Service (MeA Funeral Service)

We now have excellent Muslim Funeral service facilities within the Building which is fully functional and been used for the last 4 funerals of members of the community who have sadly passed away.

This includes ghusl, kafan and cold room storage facilities which you may all view.

Joint Heads of MeA Funeral Service
Syed Nasir Shah - 07342887487
Syed Sajad Shah - 07947112228

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

They both have plenty of experience in this field and have appointed a team under the guidance of Molana Ahmed Abbas Sahib.

Regular funeral service workshops will be conducted to train others.

Do seriously consider becoming a member of this excellent Funeral Service scheme.

Membership Cost

Family Cover - £100 Annual Fee

Covers Husband, Wife and Children under 18
Only £8.33p per Month

Individual Cover (over 18s) - £50 Annual Fee
Only £4.16p per Month

Covers Ghusal/Kafan, Standard Coffin, Standard Burial, Transport, 1 Flight Ticket**, Admin Assistance, Use of Masjid facilities 3 days.

**Economy Flight for 1 person if taking deceased abroad

If you would like to apply to join, please fill in the following application form


Once completed:

Email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

or post it to:

Funeral Services


2-32 Beechwood Road



Please contact the brothers above to discuss payment.


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