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Message of Appreciation from New Executive Committee

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This is a message of appreciation to the entire community for all your support and assistance in the Election process that has taken place over the last 1 month approximately.

None of this could have taken place without your support, my team and I are grateful to have such sincerity and passion within our community.

We would like to extend our greatest appreciation to Majlis-e-Ulama Shia Europe, most specifically Molana Ahmed Abbas for his commitment and dedication, Molana Syed Ali Raza Rizvi for showing true leadership which is most needed in these times, Molana Jafar Najam for being thorough and showing strength, and Respected Elder Uncle Syed Jafar Shah for being at the forefront and providing guidance at every step of the election process. 

We would also like to extend our appreciation to the respected teams that worked under the above-mentioned individuals for all their commitment and sacrifices.

Moving forward as a community, requires us to soften our hearts and work together to make this centre successful and progress all our outstanding tasks. The level of love, support, patience and energy that has been given during the election process is what will be needed from everyone to achieve the goal of unity. We can only achieve this as a collective effort henceforth we request everyone’s support and are thankful to Allah (swt) for being given this opportunity. 

May Allah (swt) bless us all with the best of health and patience to do the best by our community and persevere.

Sunday 13th January 2019 - Results of Elections

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Sunday 13th January 2019 - Masjid-e-Ali (as) Election Results Announced

Votes on Ladies side: 159
Votes on Gents side: 269 
Total votes casted: 428 

Syed Muzammal Abbas: 32 
Syed Rahat Gilani: 393 
Void: 3

The new Executive Committee for 3 years insha'Allah:

President - Syed Rahat Gilani
Vice President - Syed Imran Haider Shah
General Secretary - Syed Abrar Shah
Vice General Secretary - Syed Mushtaq Shah
Treasurer - Syed Zaheer Abbas
Vice Treasurer - Syed Hasan Kazmi
Information Secretary - Syed Abid Shah

Maulana Syed Ali Raza Rizvi
Maulana Jafar Najm
Maulana Raja Ahmed Abbas
Syed Jafar Shah

Please contact us to be added to the Whatsapp Alerting System

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If you need to be added to our WhatsApp Alerting System, please send a WhatsApp message with your name on 07833 250207 to be added to the alert list.


Please ensure you have saved the Masjid's phone number (07833 250207) to your phone book to ensure messages are received. Otherwise, messages will not be received to your phone. 


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